Monday, February 22, 2016

Queridos Amigos y familia,

So, the cool news for this week is that we`ve been working more with the women named Soledad this past week and although it`s been quite crazy, we`ve been able to teach her alot and help prepare her for baptisim and this past Saturdayshe passed her baptisimal interview. Woohoo, so, as long as everything goes well we might be having a baptisim this next Saturday. I`m super excited for her, she`s so awesome and her little two year old son is just the cutiest, even if he always runs around like crazy when we`re trying to teach:)haha.
Also, this week we were able to do divisions with the Sisters from Eldorado, Hermana Lopez(Argentina) and her newbie companion Hermana Quechua(Peru). It went super well and I was able to show Hermana Quechua around our area and work together with her. I think I`ve said it before, but I always love working with new missionaries and seeing the passion that they have for the gospel. Plus, Hermana Quechua really knows how to testify to people and bring the spirit and I learned alot from her. Divisions are always a great experience.
Other than that, this week has been a bit challenging. My companion and I have been working hard at always looking and searching for new people and families to teach and this week we`ve had some really good lessons. But, it`s also been a little bit of struggle with this thing called agency…`s a blessing and a curse:) Haha, but it`s true. We have a couple of investigators that we`ve been working with for awhile now who are really having a hard time keeping their commitments and really making those last steps to really progress. So, hopefully this next week we will see a little more success with them.
But anyway, I`m looking forward to this next week. We`ve got quite a bit going on this next week so I`ll give a full account next week.
Best of Luck,
Hermana Marvian

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