Lots of Travels

Monday, February 29, 2016

Saludos a Todos,

This week has passed by super quick and has been a week full of mini adventures. We spent Monday and Tuesday in Posadas for a meeting where we were able to talk alot about the importance of the repentance process. The area presidency wants us to be really focused in on helping people understand the atonement process in their lives and how we can and need to repent and make changes in our lives. It`s actually been something we`ve been talking about for awhile now, but it was still super good and my companion and I are trying to focus more in on that as we meet and teach new people, and we`ve had some really good experiences with it.
Then, on Wednesday, we were able to listen to a broadcast by Elder Bednar who came to talk to the missionaries in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruaguay, and Chile. It was about three hours of super inspiring words mostly explaining the importance of the spirit in our lessons with people and the importance of helping people feel the spirit in a type of way that gives them the chance to act upon the things that they are learning. I really liked it alot, especially in the way how we can use questions to really bring the spirit and help people apply what they are learning to themselves. It`s great to explain and teach, but when we ask the right questions that make people reflect and ponder, then that`s when the spirit is able to testify to people`s hearts who is the real teacher anyway. So, hopefully as my companion and I focus in on repentance and use good questions to invite the spirit, we will be able to be better teachers and help more people make and keep their commitements.
Other than that, like I said we did alot of traveling this week, so Thursday morning we went to San Vicente which is about a 5 hour bus ride to go over and do divisions with a couple of the sisters, Hermana Cardenes(Mexico) and Hermana Aquino(Argentina). There area has been really hard for them so we went over there to go contacting with them and help them find some new investigators to go teach. It was fun and we were able to find a couple of interesting families while we were there, so hopefully it will turn out good.
Also, good news and bad news…..the bad news is that Soledad didn`t get baptized this weekend, but the good news is that she`ll still probably get  baptized this next week….let`s just say we had to change some stuff around with her family, so we decided to push the baptisim off a week. So, hopefully this next Saturday will be the one:)
Other than that, remember how I was pretty sick for awhile? Well, now Hermana Dempsey got the same thing yesturday and so we are probably going to be hanging out in the pension for the next several days:( Oh, the fun of mission life. Hopefully she will be able to feel a bit better soon.
Oh, also, cool story. A week ago we met this guy named Macelo who we met while teaching his neighbors actually. He just happened to be sitting in the background while we were teaching, but even though we weren`t teaching him directly, my companion and I could tell that he looked super interested. So, after the lesson we asked if we could teach him at his house some time and he accepted. Then, we went and visited him once or twice and invited him to churchthis Sunday and he came. And what was cooler was that during our gospel principles class which my companion and I teach, we were talking about prayer and we asked if anyone had any experiences and he decided to share and tell us that the week before we met him he had been praying really hard, for what I don`t know, but he said that afterwards that is when we showed up in his life and that he feels as though we are an answer to his prayer…it was pretty cool. It`s really cool how God prepares people for the gospel and answers their prayers.
Thanks Everyone,
Hermana Marvian

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