Cambios y Un Bautismo

Monday, March 7, 2016

So, Lots of fun News!

First, remember how we had to post-pone the baptism? Well, this week we had it and it was super great! Soledad is the newest member of the Puerto Iguazu Branch! Woohoo, I`m so excited for her future progress in the church as she continues to learn and grow and work towards going to the temple some day! I just love her so much:)
Other than that, I`m happy to report that my companion is doing better now. We`ve been in the pension this whole week though, the only time we left was to go to the church to prepare for the baptisim. Although, luckily we got a couple of members to do divisions with us and I was able to go make a couple of visitis, but mostly we just hung out in the pension. But, what is important is that my companion is ok:)
But, speaking of companions, today we found out about transfers……And, I`m leaving Iguazu! Wow, it`s been a really good 6 months here, I never thought that I would be here so long but I`ve truely loved every single minute of it. I`ve never seen more miracles and developed a true pasion for missionary work before I came here….I`m going to miss the members, the place, the cool people that we are working with, etc. But, as hard as it is to go, it is time and I know that God has other plans for me:)
So where am I going? Remember last week how I said that I went to San Vicente to go do divisions with the sisters there and help them with their area that is struggling? Yep, that`s where I`m heading now permanetly! I guess my division there with Hermana Cardenes and Aquino was just a test run for the actual thing:) Haha, so yep it should be fun. San Vicente is a small town with a small branch of about 30 to 40 people on a really good day or like 7 people if it rains…. they don`t have an actual church, they actually rent out the bottom floor of a building and use it for their church meetings. The missionaries were actually the branch president for the longest time their but recently they finally have a member that is doing it now. So, this new area of mine should be pretty interesting with quite a few obstacles, but I`m sure that we will be seeing lots of miracles and I`m excited to be working with Hermana Cardenes(from Mexico) as my new companion. Although, she is going to be the third companion that I`ve had that will be finishing her mission while she`s with me….hopefully it doesn`t make me think to much of home as well….I`ve still got lots of time to go:)
Best of Luck to All,
Hermana MarvianDSC02728

​Here`s one of the pictures from Soledad`s Baptisim!


​Another one!


​Here is one with the Elders as Well. Elder Petit on the left and Elder Mahoney on the right, and Soledad`s little son Santiago front and center!


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