New Things

Monday, March 14, 2016

Lots of New things this week,

So, I`ve survived my first couple of days in my new area here in San Vicente and so far they`ve been pretty good. I had my first Sunday at church yesturday and we had 20 people there including us four missionaries! Yep, and right now there aren`t alot of people who have callings so the missionaries are in charge of teaching Priesthood/Relief Society(which are being taught together right now), Sunday School, and Primary. So my companion and I along with the Elders (Elder Berrios from Chile and Elder Hudson from Utah) are taking turns teaching all the classes throughout the week. Plus, here we do branch night every Friday night which consists of a short spiritual message and different games for the family which is good but we are in charge of that too. Yep, lots of teaching and planning going on in the branch, but at least after the mission I think that I`ll be fully prepared to teach whatever calling comes my way….haha, because I get to do almost everything right now. Also, on another bright side, our branch president is super awesome. He`s only 23yrs. but he just returned from his mission in Peru last year and he`s super excited about helping out the branch so hopefully we will be able to work closely with him.
Other than that, there weren`t any people really progressing here, but this week my companion Hermana Cardenas and I have been working hard finding lots of people to teach and we`ve actually had some pretty good experiences this week and found some people with lots of potential. So, even though it`s going to be hard, we are off to a good start this week! I`m pretty excited to see what is to come. There is lots of work to be done here, but also alot of potential as well:)
But, I wish everyone the best week every!
Hermana Marvian
​Here is a picture of my companion and I in our pension!


​We did service in the house of one of the Sisters in our branch this week. We were helping her preparing things for the primary kids and others for Easter. Left: Me, Center: Elder Hudson, Right: Elder Berrios


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