Lots of Prepared People

Monday, March 21, 2016

Hey Everyone,

This week has been super great. We`ve been able to see the Lord`s hand work alot here in San Vicente. It`s been awesome! We found alot of really great people to work with this week. We contacted this lady in the street who seemed to be around 18yrs-20yrs….but it turned out she was only 14 but we went to her house anyway and taught her and her 16 yrs. old brother about the restoration and it was so cool to see the light come into her eyes when we explained it to her. Then we invited her to know for herself and gave her a Book of Mormon as well and she was super excited to know for her self. Then, this week there was a house that we had passed by several times and my companion told me that she felt like we needed to contact there so we did and we found a super awesome family and had a really good spirtual experience with them as well!
It`s been great because my companion and I have been trying to do our best at talking with as many people as we possibly can and it`s been super cool how many super prepared people God has granted us this week:)…..Now, we`ve also had a couple of hard set-backs as well, but overall it`s been a big blessing, although I don`t think I`ve ever been so tired in my life this week….haha, I`m getting pretty old:) But, it`s been good….
Best of Luck this Week!
Hermana Marvian​
Here is a photo of us four here in San Vicente close to the church. Look at this awesome minion that we found!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES



​Here is a photo of my companion, an awesome member named Silvia, and I here in our little church building that kind of looks like a little dance studio….what you can see behind me is almost the whole thing…haha, pretty small.




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