Easter and Divisions in Iguazu

Monday, March 28, 2016

Buenos Tardes,


{​This was a place in that we decided to explore today for P-day called 7 Pisos! It may not be quite as big as Iguazu falls but it was super beautiful and it`s actually not a very far walk from the pension…..lot`s of green, lots of water, and lots of butterflies….I love the province of Misiones, it is so beautiful whereever you go!}
This week has been pretty cool. We actually haven`t been in the area very much this week but it`s been good. On Wednesday, my companion and I got to do divisions with the sisters in my old area in Iguazu! I thought it was going to be super weird going back to my old area only after two weeks, but more because it wasn`t mine anymore, but it was good. My companion Hermana Cardenas got to work with my old companion Hermana Dempsey and I got to work with Hermana Woodwell who is super awesome:) It was cool because we were able to go back and visit one of our investigators that we were working with, remember Marcelo? I think I mentioned about how we had found him and how he had told us that he had been praying before hand to change his life and then when we showed up he believed it to be an answer to his prayer….well, we had been working with him for a little while when I left and it turns out that he has now accepted to be baptized and has a date set in two weeks. That`s so cool….haha I got the chance to see him and he was super excited and invited me to his baptisim….I probably can`t go because even though I`m still in the same zone it`s a bit far away, but I`m super excited for him and it was good to be able to see him again.
Other than that, this past Saturday in our area we had a cool experience. We were contacting in the cold rainy morning with little success. We were trying to clap at every house we could find and offering to share a message about the resurrection of Christ to focus in on Easter but nothing was working. So, after about an hour we decided to go into a street corner and say a small prayer so that God would help us find someone who was interested in our message and who would be willing to act up on….afterwards we went back to contacting and came to a house where they were playing loud music. We clapped several times but I don`t think that they could hear us so we turned around to go back and the music stopped for just a second long enough for us to make one more attempt and luckily….they heard us and let us in. So we sat down with this lady and her brother who lives behind their house and began to get to know her a bit. Then she stopped us and told us that she had an important question that she had been wondering about for awhile…she wanted us to explain more to her about the resurrection of Jesus Christ…which was perfect…so we taught her and her brother and the spirit was super strong and she invited us back this week to come and answer more of her questions and teach her more and it was just cool how God answered our prayers in that way with a person that specifically could benefit from our `contacting approach` …it was pretty cool.
Other than that, I hope everyone had a great Easter! And also thanks for the Birthday wishes as well! I appreciated them:)
Hermana Marvian
{​Our super huge chocolate easter eggs that Sister Navarro made for us…that was super nice of her:) Happy Easter to us!}SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES
{​A picture of all of the sisters in the Zone from our big zone conference with our mission president in Iguazu the day after our divisions! These girls are so awesome. I love them so much!}SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES



{​A picture of all of the sisters in the Zone from our big zone conference with our mission president in Iguazu the day after our divisions! These girls are so awesome. I love them so much!}





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