Interviews and Divisions with Hermana LaPierre

Monday, April 25, 2016

Hello Everyone,
This week has been a pretty good first week to the new transfer. My new companion is pretty awesome and we´ve hit it off to a great start. This week´s been a little bit crazy and we haven´t had alot of time to proselyte but it´s still been nice. The highlight of the week was that we were able to have our branch conference here in San Vicente and the interesting part is that San Vicente isn´t part of another district or stake but is directly linked to the misión so for our conference our misión president was able to come out and talk to everyone and also lead our priesthood/relief society class along with talks in sacrament meeting….I always love getting the chance to here from him and others in the mission. It´s super great! Plus, we were able to have interviews with him as well to talk about how the work is going and how we are doing personally. It went super well and I just have to say that missionary work is sooo awesome! I talked alot with him about the miracles of the mission and I don´t know if I´ve mentioned before but one of the things that I love about missionary work is the fact that through missionary work we are able to gain Access to many powers of the Atonement….because part of the atonement is being able to be cleansed from our sins but also another great part is the ability to be perfected and become like God and as we do His work, God´s work, we gain Access to those powers that help us to become like him. It´s really true what it says in the scriptures that he who gains his life shall loose it and he who looses his life for My names sake shall find it…..
Apart from our conference and interviews, my companion and I also had the chance to take our mission president´s wife out with us to visit a couple of our investigators and it was a super cool experience being able to teach and testify alongside her and having her with us:)
Well, besides that, not much to tell…..Hope You all have a great week!
Love you all,
Hermana Marvian
P.S. I´ll try to send pictures next week….

Last Transfer!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Hey Everyone,

This week has been really great. My companion and I have been working hard with our investigators and have been looking alot for new people to teach. We had a cool experience this week with our investigator Ramona that we mentioned before. We went back and taught her again and she told us that she did what she asked and prayed about our message and she said that she was able to get an answer to know that it was true. She said that she now knows what she needs to do….it was super cool! The only problem now is that she has been receiving alot of persecution from her family and so she has doubts but we are trying to help her have the faith sufficient to act upon her answer, so hopefully that will go well this week!

Other than that, it`s been good. Today, I`m actually writing you guys from Encarnacion in Paraguay….It`s then end of transfers and my companion Hermana Cardenas is going home tomorrow! Yep, all the way back to Mexico…it`s crazy how time sure flys. We took the 4 and a half hour bus ride to Posadas on Sunday and have been in the office this morning for her last interview…I sure will miss her:) But it was good and our mission president gave us permission to cross over into Paraguay to buy some souvenirs that she wanted and I`m just super happy to be in one of my old areas again….although I had to promise not to visit any members in order to cross, but that`s ok…haha, it just feels good to be back. I love Paraguay so much.

And, as for my new companion her name is Hermana Rubilar and she`s from Chile and is pretty new in the mission. I`ll get to meet her this wednesday for transfers but until then I`m going to do divisions with the sisters in Posadas which should be lots of fun. Other than that I`ll be letting you all know how this next week goes. I`m excited to see all of the fun miracles that we should be having over the next six weeks….my last transfer!


Hermana Marvian

Ups and Downs

Monday, April 11, 2016

Family and Friends,

Have any of you seen Tangled? Remember that part when she leaves her tower for the first time and there is that scene where one second she is super excited to be free, then the next second she was breaking down, and then she was super happy again, that constant change? Yep, that was kind of this week. It was pretty good and we`ve had alot of cool experiences this week, but it`s also been a bit tough…lot`s of ups and downs and constant change as my example above….I think the mission is just like that in general.
However, the best part this week is that we`ve been working with a couple of really cool people that are starting to progress. We are working with a single mom named Alejandra who is super awesome. She told us that she feels strongly the need to start following God and she is looking for a church to join. So, this week we`ve been teaching her and have been able to explain the restoration and talk alot about the importance of the family and also a bit about baptisim and it`s been super cool. She`s promised to come to church this next week so hopefully that will go well and hopefully she will be able to get an answer to her prayers this week as well to know if the words that we have spoken are true.
Also, we have another lady named Ramona that we have been working with. I`m not sure if I mentioned her before but we started working with her awhile ago and have been trying to work with her. We went over to teach her this week and have found out that she`s really been through alot of pretty hard stuff in her life, especailly with alot of death in her family and other problems. She also told us that she likes listening to our message but that she has no intention of changing her religion because one she`s been Catholic her whole life and two she feels like going to church isn`t necessary and believes that we should just be able to worship God on our own……So, we prayed alot that we would really know how to help her and as we began to teach her it was so awesome. We talked alot about baptisim and the need for priesthood authority and how we believed that as a church we have that authority. We also explained alot of the great reasons for having a church(which is talked about alot in a great conference talk given last October) and we talked alot about a need to follow him….But the coolest part was how as we began to talk and teach with the spirit she changed alot, she began to talk less and listen alot more and in the end she told us that she really wants to believe in our words and even mentioned about maybe coming to church with us and we also challenged her to pray about it and she promised that she would. Wow, it is so cool to see how the spirit works on people. There is nothing so cool as seeing how the spirit works on people and to see how people change as we teach them the truths of the gospel and bare testimony of those things!
Really, it`s so cool to be in the mission and see and feel of the love that God has for us. If you are wondering whether God loves you or not, try studying Romans 8 in the new testiment. I was reading that this week and it was so cool. Really God loves us soooo much that he gave his only begotten son and watched as he was tortured, killed, and then reserected so that we might have a chance to return to Him. God`s love is so great for us that he was willing to watch his perfect son suffer so that we could be made free if we would repent. Wow, how great are the blessings of our Heavenly Father.
Hermana Marvian
I had to take this cool picture with this huge cool bible in the middle of town….kind of interesting.


Here is a picture of all of us in our district in Montecarlo. Left: Me, Hermana Huanca(Peru), Elder Guagua(Bolivia), Elder Hudson(Utah), Elder Choque(Argentina), Elder Berrìos(Chile), Hermana Cardenas(Mexico), and Hermana Johnson(Idaho).



Conference Weekend

Monday, April 4, 2016

General Conference Weekend!  Woohoo!

We were not able to watch general conference in our area so we ended up going to Eldorado with the sisters there and a couple others. The picture below is a picture of the six of us eating tacos before the session Sunday morning. Lots of fun:)
One thing I love about conference is how no matter what our questions are, we can always receive answers through the spirit during all of the wonderful talks. I hope that everyone was able to enjoy listening to a prophet of God and his apostles! And if you didn`t get the chance to watch them then I invite you to look them up online, they were super awesome!
I especially liked the talk by Eyring as he introduced the conference. It really is amazing that we are able to have a prophet here today that can speak to all of us and help us receive the guidance that we need to keep going in a crazy world. The world may be getting stronger, but so too is the kingdom of God and if we call upon our God, he will help us and bless us and lead us in every aspect of our lives. I`m so happy to know that I am a child of God and that I have a Father in Heaven who loves me and loves each and every single one of us.
Also, in the conference I was thinking alot about discipliship. What does it mean to be a disciple of Christ and to take upon His name? One of the things that I`ve been learning in the mission is that really this life isn`t just about learning and following the commandments. While this is a large part of our worship, just as important in this life is the great responsibility and privelage that we have is to really make keep and understand our covenants that we make to God to build the kingdom of God and serve his children. As we seek to be worthy and then use our knowledge to bless others, we will begin to feel a type of peace and joy never before felt. This Gospel is so awesome, it`s even true!
Love you all! Have a wonderful week:)
Hermana Marvian