Conference Weekend

Monday, April 4, 2016

General Conference Weekend!  Woohoo!

We were not able to watch general conference in our area so we ended up going to Eldorado with the sisters there and a couple others. The picture below is a picture of the six of us eating tacos before the session Sunday morning. Lots of fun:)
One thing I love about conference is how no matter what our questions are, we can always receive answers through the spirit during all of the wonderful talks. I hope that everyone was able to enjoy listening to a prophet of God and his apostles! And if you didn`t get the chance to watch them then I invite you to look them up online, they were super awesome!
I especially liked the talk by Eyring as he introduced the conference. It really is amazing that we are able to have a prophet here today that can speak to all of us and help us receive the guidance that we need to keep going in a crazy world. The world may be getting stronger, but so too is the kingdom of God and if we call upon our God, he will help us and bless us and lead us in every aspect of our lives. I`m so happy to know that I am a child of God and that I have a Father in Heaven who loves me and loves each and every single one of us.
Also, in the conference I was thinking alot about discipliship. What does it mean to be a disciple of Christ and to take upon His name? One of the things that I`ve been learning in the mission is that really this life isn`t just about learning and following the commandments. While this is a large part of our worship, just as important in this life is the great responsibility and privelage that we have is to really make keep and understand our covenants that we make to God to build the kingdom of God and serve his children. As we seek to be worthy and then use our knowledge to bless others, we will begin to feel a type of peace and joy never before felt. This Gospel is so awesome, it`s even true!
Love you all! Have a wonderful week:)
Hermana Marvian



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