Ups and Downs

Monday, April 11, 2016

Family and Friends,

Have any of you seen Tangled? Remember that part when she leaves her tower for the first time and there is that scene where one second she is super excited to be free, then the next second she was breaking down, and then she was super happy again, that constant change? Yep, that was kind of this week. It was pretty good and we`ve had alot of cool experiences this week, but it`s also been a bit tough…lot`s of ups and downs and constant change as my example above….I think the mission is just like that in general.
However, the best part this week is that we`ve been working with a couple of really cool people that are starting to progress. We are working with a single mom named Alejandra who is super awesome. She told us that she feels strongly the need to start following God and she is looking for a church to join. So, this week we`ve been teaching her and have been able to explain the restoration and talk alot about the importance of the family and also a bit about baptisim and it`s been super cool. She`s promised to come to church this next week so hopefully that will go well and hopefully she will be able to get an answer to her prayers this week as well to know if the words that we have spoken are true.
Also, we have another lady named Ramona that we have been working with. I`m not sure if I mentioned her before but we started working with her awhile ago and have been trying to work with her. We went over to teach her this week and have found out that she`s really been through alot of pretty hard stuff in her life, especailly with alot of death in her family and other problems. She also told us that she likes listening to our message but that she has no intention of changing her religion because one she`s been Catholic her whole life and two she feels like going to church isn`t necessary and believes that we should just be able to worship God on our own……So, we prayed alot that we would really know how to help her and as we began to teach her it was so awesome. We talked alot about baptisim and the need for priesthood authority and how we believed that as a church we have that authority. We also explained alot of the great reasons for having a church(which is talked about alot in a great conference talk given last October) and we talked alot about a need to follow him….But the coolest part was how as we began to talk and teach with the spirit she changed alot, she began to talk less and listen alot more and in the end she told us that she really wants to believe in our words and even mentioned about maybe coming to church with us and we also challenged her to pray about it and she promised that she would. Wow, it is so cool to see how the spirit works on people. There is nothing so cool as seeing how the spirit works on people and to see how people change as we teach them the truths of the gospel and bare testimony of those things!
Really, it`s so cool to be in the mission and see and feel of the love that God has for us. If you are wondering whether God loves you or not, try studying Romans 8 in the new testiment. I was reading that this week and it was so cool. Really God loves us soooo much that he gave his only begotten son and watched as he was tortured, killed, and then reserected so that we might have a chance to return to Him. God`s love is so great for us that he was willing to watch his perfect son suffer so that we could be made free if we would repent. Wow, how great are the blessings of our Heavenly Father.
Hermana Marvian
I had to take this cool picture with this huge cool bible in the middle of town….kind of interesting.


Here is a picture of all of us in our district in Montecarlo. Left: Me, Hermana Huanca(Peru), Elder Guagua(Bolivia), Elder Hudson(Utah), Elder Choque(Argentina), Elder Berrìos(Chile), Hermana Cardenas(Mexico), and Hermana Johnson(Idaho).




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