Last Transfer!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Hey Everyone,

This week has been really great. My companion and I have been working hard with our investigators and have been looking alot for new people to teach. We had a cool experience this week with our investigator Ramona that we mentioned before. We went back and taught her again and she told us that she did what she asked and prayed about our message and she said that she was able to get an answer to know that it was true. She said that she now knows what she needs to do….it was super cool! The only problem now is that she has been receiving alot of persecution from her family and so she has doubts but we are trying to help her have the faith sufficient to act upon her answer, so hopefully that will go well this week!

Other than that, it`s been good. Today, I`m actually writing you guys from Encarnacion in Paraguay….It`s then end of transfers and my companion Hermana Cardenas is going home tomorrow! Yep, all the way back to Mexico…it`s crazy how time sure flys. We took the 4 and a half hour bus ride to Posadas on Sunday and have been in the office this morning for her last interview…I sure will miss her:) But it was good and our mission president gave us permission to cross over into Paraguay to buy some souvenirs that she wanted and I`m just super happy to be in one of my old areas again….although I had to promise not to visit any members in order to cross, but that`s ok…haha, it just feels good to be back. I love Paraguay so much.

And, as for my new companion her name is Hermana Rubilar and she`s from Chile and is pretty new in the mission. I`ll get to meet her this wednesday for transfers but until then I`m going to do divisions with the sisters in Posadas which should be lots of fun. Other than that I`ll be letting you all know how this next week goes. I`m excited to see all of the fun miracles that we should be having over the next six weeks….my last transfer!


Hermana Marvian


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