Setbacks and Progress

Monday, May 2, 2016

Hello Everyone,

This week has been a difficult one but also full of good experiences. We`ve had some major set-backs this week. We had two families that we were working with that have told us that they don`t want to continue with the missionary lessons because of different persecutions that they have received from family and friends….they`ve decided that it is easier to just stick with what they`ve always known in order to fit in with those around them….it`s always pretty sad when people `fear man more than they fear God` especially after we`ve had some really good spiritual experiences with them….but, what can one do? I`m sure there are lots of other great people that are waiting to hear about the gospel.
In fact, this week my companion and I were praying about where to go contacting, or searching for people, and we decided to go contacting in an area that we don`t normally go to and as we got to this area we found a woman that was walking into her house and so we stopped and started to talk to her and at first she was a bit appreahensive, but as we began to share and testify with her at her front gate she began to cry and told us that we could come in and teach her. And so as we sat down and began to talk to her she told us that she usually didn`t accept visits from missionaries but that today she felt like she needed help and said that life has been pretty hard and that she is suffering from depression. So we had the chance to share with her and talk about the atonement and the plan that God has for his children and it turned into a really nice experience:) It`s cool how God leads and guides us to his children who need him:) And it`s cool to be an instrument in his hands.
Other than that, besides searching for investigators we`ve also been able to work alot with the branch this week. Here is San Vicente a part of our work includes strengthening the branch alot. So, we`ve been working alot with our Relief Society President this week seeing as she`s a recent convert and just became the president and at least in recent months there hasn`t been much of a relief society to see as an example here, so this week we`ve been teaching her about her different responsibilities and this upcoming week our branch president has asked us to work with her to create a list of visiting teaching for the sisters in the rama so we are excited about that to help her and this sisters out in that way. They are super great:)
Well, that`s about it this week. Hope everyone has a great week!
Hermana Marvian
P.S. Pictures of my companion and I with the Elders in Montecarlo: Elders Rochue and Elder Guayua in Montecarlo where we spent P-Day today!





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