Adventures in Puerto Rico

Monday, May 9, 2016

Hey Everyone,

It`s been a pretty good week. I enjoyed having the great opportunity to skype my family yesterday:) It`s always great to see everyone and Happy Mother`s Day to all of you mothers out there!
This last week we got the chance to do a large `group division` as you might call it in Puerto Rico. We went there with the other 6 sisters in our zone, 8 in total and all worked in the area there to find new people to teach. We were each given an area on their map and then we switched up companions to be more fun and went contacting for a good 8 hours. It actually turned out to be a pretty cool experience and every companionship was able to find a couple of good people for the sisters in the area to start teaching:) My companion for the day, Hermana Quechua, and I found this family that was really cool that we started to talk to in the morning and they told us that we couldn`t teach them right then but that we could come back in the afternoon and teach them. So, we went back and the mom answered the door and wasn`t too happy to see us and she told us that she didn`t want us to visit her family….but, as we continued to talk to her more in her doorway and listen to her and share with her a little bit her complete atitude changed and without having to ask again she told us that she wanted us to sit down and talk to her….so we did and ended up having a really nice chat/lesson with her which pretty cool. Sometimes people really do want to know what we have to say, they just don`t always know it until we start talking, haha. But it was pretty fun.
Other than that, a normal week. It`s been a bit cold down here and rainning alot but my companion and I are trying to make the best of it:)
See you all soon,
Hermana Marvian
Here are the four of us with Sister Navarro and Sister Elsa celebrating the birthday of Elder Isidro!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Here is a photo of an overview of part of our area in San Vicente from our apartment balcony!



Our sleep over/division in Puerto Rico…the pension really isn`t big enough for the 8 of us…haha




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