A Great Week

Monday, May 16, 2016

¡Hola Familia y Amigos!

So, I`m entering in on the last two weeks of my mission and I can hardly believe it! Wow, where has the time gone?
But, anyway, it`s been a pretty good week and God has blessed us with quite a few miracles this week. Last Monday while we were walking around, we ran into a mother and her 13yrs. daughter who began to talk to me and told me that they are members who lived here awhile ago, but then left and have been living in Buenos Aires for the last several years and that in this time they haven`t been active in the church, but that now they are back and they have the desires to start going to church again. So, we gave them the information for the church and then sent the Elders to go visit them since they live in their area, and it was super great because they ended up coming to church yesturday and it also turns out that the 13yrs. actually isn`t a member, but she expressed a desire to get baptized so that should be pretty cool.
Also, we have also been blessed to come in contact with several other great people this week as well. We found a really cool lady yesturday who`s husband is Catholic, who`s daughter is a 7th Day Adventist, and who was attending another church all together….she had alot of questions for us and we were able to share with her a bit about the Restoration and about the Book of Mormon which was great and you could see a light in her eyes as we shared those things with her and she was super excited when we invited her to pray and read about the Book of Mormon. So, hopefully it will go really well this next week.
Plus, interesting story, a couple of months ago I came to San Vicente on Divisions with Hermana Cardeñas the week before I got sent to the area to be here permanantly. And while on those divisions we came across a lady named Norma who gave us the chance to visit with her in which we did and we tried to share a couple of things with her but it was difficult and it seemed like she just wanted to talk alot more than anything and we left without the intention to go back…..but, this last week Hermana Rubilar and I were contacting and came across her house in which I didn`t realize that it was the same house, and so we ended up talking to her again and she was just soooo happy to see us and told us that she thought we would never come back and that she had really enjoyed our visit last time….so, we got to teach her again along with her husband and a daughter that was visiting from Posadas and it was super awesome….way different then last time….it was so cool. Now, we`ve continued to visit them and we have invited them to be baptized which they said that they would pray about and we`ve gone back a couple more times and have seen some cool progress…it`s kind of interesting how things work out.
But, I hope that everyone is having a good week and I look forward to sending a bit more as I finish up this last time as a missionary:(
Love you all!
Hermana Marvian
Here is a picture of our District….
Left: Elder Isidro(Columbia), Elder Guayua(Bolivia), Elder Hudson(Utah), Elder Rocha
Left: Sister Huanca(Peru), Sister Johnson(Idaho), Me, Sister Rubilar

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