Conference Weekend

Monday, April 4, 2016

General Conference Weekend!  Woohoo!

We were not able to watch general conference in our area so we ended up going to Eldorado with the sisters there and a couple others. The picture below is a picture of the six of us eating tacos before the session Sunday morning. Lots of fun:)
One thing I love about conference is how no matter what our questions are, we can always receive answers through the spirit during all of the wonderful talks. I hope that everyone was able to enjoy listening to a prophet of God and his apostles! And if you didn`t get the chance to watch them then I invite you to look them up online, they were super awesome!
I especially liked the talk by Eyring as he introduced the conference. It really is amazing that we are able to have a prophet here today that can speak to all of us and help us receive the guidance that we need to keep going in a crazy world. The world may be getting stronger, but so too is the kingdom of God and if we call upon our God, he will help us and bless us and lead us in every aspect of our lives. I`m so happy to know that I am a child of God and that I have a Father in Heaven who loves me and loves each and every single one of us.
Also, in the conference I was thinking alot about discipliship. What does it mean to be a disciple of Christ and to take upon His name? One of the things that I`ve been learning in the mission is that really this life isn`t just about learning and following the commandments. While this is a large part of our worship, just as important in this life is the great responsibility and privelage that we have is to really make keep and understand our covenants that we make to God to build the kingdom of God and serve his children. As we seek to be worthy and then use our knowledge to bless others, we will begin to feel a type of peace and joy never before felt. This Gospel is so awesome, it`s even true!
Love you all! Have a wonderful week:)
Hermana Marvian



Easter and Divisions in Iguazu

Monday, March 28, 2016

Buenos Tardes,


{​This was a place in that we decided to explore today for P-day called 7 Pisos! It may not be quite as big as Iguazu falls but it was super beautiful and it`s actually not a very far walk from the pension…..lot`s of green, lots of water, and lots of butterflies….I love the province of Misiones, it is so beautiful whereever you go!}
This week has been pretty cool. We actually haven`t been in the area very much this week but it`s been good. On Wednesday, my companion and I got to do divisions with the sisters in my old area in Iguazu! I thought it was going to be super weird going back to my old area only after two weeks, but more because it wasn`t mine anymore, but it was good. My companion Hermana Cardenas got to work with my old companion Hermana Dempsey and I got to work with Hermana Woodwell who is super awesome:) It was cool because we were able to go back and visit one of our investigators that we were working with, remember Marcelo? I think I mentioned about how we had found him and how he had told us that he had been praying before hand to change his life and then when we showed up he believed it to be an answer to his prayer….well, we had been working with him for a little while when I left and it turns out that he has now accepted to be baptized and has a date set in two weeks. That`s so cool….haha I got the chance to see him and he was super excited and invited me to his baptisim….I probably can`t go because even though I`m still in the same zone it`s a bit far away, but I`m super excited for him and it was good to be able to see him again.
Other than that, this past Saturday in our area we had a cool experience. We were contacting in the cold rainy morning with little success. We were trying to clap at every house we could find and offering to share a message about the resurrection of Christ to focus in on Easter but nothing was working. So, after about an hour we decided to go into a street corner and say a small prayer so that God would help us find someone who was interested in our message and who would be willing to act up on….afterwards we went back to contacting and came to a house where they were playing loud music. We clapped several times but I don`t think that they could hear us so we turned around to go back and the music stopped for just a second long enough for us to make one more attempt and luckily….they heard us and let us in. So we sat down with this lady and her brother who lives behind their house and began to get to know her a bit. Then she stopped us and told us that she had an important question that she had been wondering about for awhile…she wanted us to explain more to her about the resurrection of Jesus Christ…which was perfect…so we taught her and her brother and the spirit was super strong and she invited us back this week to come and answer more of her questions and teach her more and it was just cool how God answered our prayers in that way with a person that specifically could benefit from our `contacting approach` …it was pretty cool.
Other than that, I hope everyone had a great Easter! And also thanks for the Birthday wishes as well! I appreciated them:)
Hermana Marvian
{​Our super huge chocolate easter eggs that Sister Navarro made for us…that was super nice of her:) Happy Easter to us!}SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES
{​A picture of all of the sisters in the Zone from our big zone conference with our mission president in Iguazu the day after our divisions! These girls are so awesome. I love them so much!}SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES



{​A picture of all of the sisters in the Zone from our big zone conference with our mission president in Iguazu the day after our divisions! These girls are so awesome. I love them so much!}




Lots of Prepared People

Monday, March 21, 2016

Hey Everyone,

This week has been super great. We`ve been able to see the Lord`s hand work alot here in San Vicente. It`s been awesome! We found alot of really great people to work with this week. We contacted this lady in the street who seemed to be around 18yrs-20yrs….but it turned out she was only 14 but we went to her house anyway and taught her and her 16 yrs. old brother about the restoration and it was so cool to see the light come into her eyes when we explained it to her. Then we invited her to know for herself and gave her a Book of Mormon as well and she was super excited to know for her self. Then, this week there was a house that we had passed by several times and my companion told me that she felt like we needed to contact there so we did and we found a super awesome family and had a really good spirtual experience with them as well!
It`s been great because my companion and I have been trying to do our best at talking with as many people as we possibly can and it`s been super cool how many super prepared people God has granted us this week:)…..Now, we`ve also had a couple of hard set-backs as well, but overall it`s been a big blessing, although I don`t think I`ve ever been so tired in my life this week….haha, I`m getting pretty old:) But, it`s been good….
Best of Luck this Week!
Hermana Marvian​
Here is a photo of us four here in San Vicente close to the church. Look at this awesome minion that we found!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES



​Here is a photo of my companion, an awesome member named Silvia, and I here in our little church building that kind of looks like a little dance studio….what you can see behind me is almost the whole thing…haha, pretty small.



New Things

Monday, March 14, 2016

Lots of New things this week,

So, I`ve survived my first couple of days in my new area here in San Vicente and so far they`ve been pretty good. I had my first Sunday at church yesturday and we had 20 people there including us four missionaries! Yep, and right now there aren`t alot of people who have callings so the missionaries are in charge of teaching Priesthood/Relief Society(which are being taught together right now), Sunday School, and Primary. So my companion and I along with the Elders (Elder Berrios from Chile and Elder Hudson from Utah) are taking turns teaching all the classes throughout the week. Plus, here we do branch night every Friday night which consists of a short spiritual message and different games for the family which is good but we are in charge of that too. Yep, lots of teaching and planning going on in the branch, but at least after the mission I think that I`ll be fully prepared to teach whatever calling comes my way….haha, because I get to do almost everything right now. Also, on another bright side, our branch president is super awesome. He`s only 23yrs. but he just returned from his mission in Peru last year and he`s super excited about helping out the branch so hopefully we will be able to work closely with him.
Other than that, there weren`t any people really progressing here, but this week my companion Hermana Cardenas and I have been working hard finding lots of people to teach and we`ve actually had some pretty good experiences this week and found some people with lots of potential. So, even though it`s going to be hard, we are off to a good start this week! I`m pretty excited to see what is to come. There is lots of work to be done here, but also alot of potential as well:)
But, I wish everyone the best week every!
Hermana Marvian
​Here is a picture of my companion and I in our pension!


​We did service in the house of one of the Sisters in our branch this week. We were helping her preparing things for the primary kids and others for Easter. Left: Me, Center: Elder Hudson, Right: Elder Berrios

Cambios y Un Bautismo

Monday, March 7, 2016

So, Lots of fun News!

First, remember how we had to post-pone the baptism? Well, this week we had it and it was super great! Soledad is the newest member of the Puerto Iguazu Branch! Woohoo, I`m so excited for her future progress in the church as she continues to learn and grow and work towards going to the temple some day! I just love her so much:)
Other than that, I`m happy to report that my companion is doing better now. We`ve been in the pension this whole week though, the only time we left was to go to the church to prepare for the baptisim. Although, luckily we got a couple of members to do divisions with us and I was able to go make a couple of visitis, but mostly we just hung out in the pension. But, what is important is that my companion is ok:)
But, speaking of companions, today we found out about transfers……And, I`m leaving Iguazu! Wow, it`s been a really good 6 months here, I never thought that I would be here so long but I`ve truely loved every single minute of it. I`ve never seen more miracles and developed a true pasion for missionary work before I came here….I`m going to miss the members, the place, the cool people that we are working with, etc. But, as hard as it is to go, it is time and I know that God has other plans for me:)
So where am I going? Remember last week how I said that I went to San Vicente to go do divisions with the sisters there and help them with their area that is struggling? Yep, that`s where I`m heading now permanetly! I guess my division there with Hermana Cardenes and Aquino was just a test run for the actual thing:) Haha, so yep it should be fun. San Vicente is a small town with a small branch of about 30 to 40 people on a really good day or like 7 people if it rains…. they don`t have an actual church, they actually rent out the bottom floor of a building and use it for their church meetings. The missionaries were actually the branch president for the longest time their but recently they finally have a member that is doing it now. So, this new area of mine should be pretty interesting with quite a few obstacles, but I`m sure that we will be seeing lots of miracles and I`m excited to be working with Hermana Cardenes(from Mexico) as my new companion. Although, she is going to be the third companion that I`ve had that will be finishing her mission while she`s with me….hopefully it doesn`t make me think to much of home as well….I`ve still got lots of time to go:)
Best of Luck to All,
Hermana MarvianDSC02728

​Here`s one of the pictures from Soledad`s Baptisim!


​Another one!


​Here is one with the Elders as Well. Elder Petit on the left and Elder Mahoney on the right, and Soledad`s little son Santiago front and center!

Lots of Travels

Monday, February 29, 2016

Saludos a Todos,

This week has passed by super quick and has been a week full of mini adventures. We spent Monday and Tuesday in Posadas for a meeting where we were able to talk alot about the importance of the repentance process. The area presidency wants us to be really focused in on helping people understand the atonement process in their lives and how we can and need to repent and make changes in our lives. It`s actually been something we`ve been talking about for awhile now, but it was still super good and my companion and I are trying to focus more in on that as we meet and teach new people, and we`ve had some really good experiences with it.
Then, on Wednesday, we were able to listen to a broadcast by Elder Bednar who came to talk to the missionaries in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruaguay, and Chile. It was about three hours of super inspiring words mostly explaining the importance of the spirit in our lessons with people and the importance of helping people feel the spirit in a type of way that gives them the chance to act upon the things that they are learning. I really liked it alot, especially in the way how we can use questions to really bring the spirit and help people apply what they are learning to themselves. It`s great to explain and teach, but when we ask the right questions that make people reflect and ponder, then that`s when the spirit is able to testify to people`s hearts who is the real teacher anyway. So, hopefully as my companion and I focus in on repentance and use good questions to invite the spirit, we will be able to be better teachers and help more people make and keep their commitements.
Other than that, like I said we did alot of traveling this week, so Thursday morning we went to San Vicente which is about a 5 hour bus ride to go over and do divisions with a couple of the sisters, Hermana Cardenes(Mexico) and Hermana Aquino(Argentina). There area has been really hard for them so we went over there to go contacting with them and help them find some new investigators to go teach. It was fun and we were able to find a couple of interesting families while we were there, so hopefully it will turn out good.
Also, good news and bad news…..the bad news is that Soledad didn`t get baptized this weekend, but the good news is that she`ll still probably get  baptized this next week….let`s just say we had to change some stuff around with her family, so we decided to push the baptisim off a week. So, hopefully this next Saturday will be the one:)
Other than that, remember how I was pretty sick for awhile? Well, now Hermana Dempsey got the same thing yesturday and so we are probably going to be hanging out in the pension for the next several days:( Oh, the fun of mission life. Hopefully she will be able to feel a bit better soon.
Oh, also, cool story. A week ago we met this guy named Macelo who we met while teaching his neighbors actually. He just happened to be sitting in the background while we were teaching, but even though we weren`t teaching him directly, my companion and I could tell that he looked super interested. So, after the lesson we asked if we could teach him at his house some time and he accepted. Then, we went and visited him once or twice and invited him to churchthis Sunday and he came. And what was cooler was that during our gospel principles class which my companion and I teach, we were talking about prayer and we asked if anyone had any experiences and he decided to share and tell us that the week before we met him he had been praying really hard, for what I don`t know, but he said that afterwards that is when we showed up in his life and that he feels as though we are an answer to his prayer…it was pretty cool. It`s really cool how God prepares people for the gospel and answers their prayers.
Thanks Everyone,
Hermana Marvian


Monday, February 22, 2016

Queridos Amigos y familia,

So, the cool news for this week is that we`ve been working more with the women named Soledad this past week and although it`s been quite crazy, we`ve been able to teach her alot and help prepare her for baptisim and this past Saturdayshe passed her baptisimal interview. Woohoo, so, as long as everything goes well we might be having a baptisim this next Saturday. I`m super excited for her, she`s so awesome and her little two year old son is just the cutiest, even if he always runs around like crazy when we`re trying to teach:)haha.
Also, this week we were able to do divisions with the Sisters from Eldorado, Hermana Lopez(Argentina) and her newbie companion Hermana Quechua(Peru). It went super well and I was able to show Hermana Quechua around our area and work together with her. I think I`ve said it before, but I always love working with new missionaries and seeing the passion that they have for the gospel. Plus, Hermana Quechua really knows how to testify to people and bring the spirit and I learned alot from her. Divisions are always a great experience.
Other than that, this week has been a bit challenging. My companion and I have been working hard at always looking and searching for new people and families to teach and this week we`ve had some really good lessons. But, it`s also been a little bit of struggle with this thing called agency…`s a blessing and a curse:) Haha, but it`s true. We have a couple of investigators that we`ve been working with for awhile now who are really having a hard time keeping their commitments and really making those last steps to really progress. So, hopefully this next week we will see a little more success with them.
But anyway, I`m looking forward to this next week. We`ve got quite a bit going on this next week so I`ll give a full account next week.
Best of Luck,
Hermana Marvian