My Companion’s Going Home

Monday, April 20, 2015

Hey everybody,

This week has been interesting. Our trip to Posadas went from a day trip to a three day trip. Hermana Palacio was able to talk with our mission President and they decided that they were going to try one last attempt to find medicine that would actually help her. So this was Tuesday, and we stayed over night with some of the other sisters in Posadas while we waited to see if this other type of medicine that she recieved would have an effect on her…But, not surprisingly, it didn´t work, so we ended up spending most of Wednesday waiting to try to have a phone appointment with a doctor over the phone which never happened. So thursday, our mission president and his wife took us back across the boarder into Paraguay where he was conducting interviews with the missionaries in Encarnacion and we finally got ahold of a doctor. During these three days we were also able to do splits with the sisters in Encarnacion and Posadas which was super great and I got to see my trainer again who is currently in Posadas. It had only been a week but it was cool seeing her again. But anyway, to make a long story a bit shorter, a lot happened over the course of those three days and after my companion talked with a doctor, the diagnostic was that she needed to go home and take some medications that aren´t allowed on the mission…So, as of right now she is back with me in Pilar and we are waiting for word from our mission president. It´s a bit of a long process trying to make all of the arrangments for her to go home, and also arrangments with me. I don´t know if I´ll be put in a trio and have to abandon my area, or there is also a chance put with a sister who is serving a mini mission right now, and having to train her. I really don´t know, nothing is set right now, so we will just have to wait and see.
These last couple of days have been a bit hard. Now that my companion knows she will be going home, it´s been hard to keep her going and I kind of feel that I´m dragging her around everywhere I go. Plus, I don´t really know how I feel about her leaving. Part of me feels like this is the right thing and was supposed to happen, but another part of me feels guilty like I was trusted to help her out, and I let her down and didn´t do what I was supposed to do. But, we can´t go back now, what´s done is done, and this next week should be another interesting one.
 As for the work in Pilar, it´s been moving along. We´ve been focusing a lot on a couple of less-active part member families, so hopefully we can help them come back to church and help their kids get baptized. One of these families came to church for the first time this past Sunday and it was super great, so I have a lot of hope for them.
Anyway hope everyone is having a good week,
Hermana Marvian

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