Zone Conference and Miracles

Monday, March 23, 2015

Mbaech`epa (Hello/How are you in guarani- I think that’s spelled right?),

This week has been super great. We had a zone confrence in Encarnacion with our mission President and a couple different zones on the Paraguay side of the mission this past Friday. It was super awesome. We left thrursday night and took the 5 hour bus ride, slept in the church for a couple hours, spent most of the day listening to different awesome messages, and then returned home that night after another slightly long bus ride. Many different things were discussed in the conference, but one thing that really stuck out to me was about humility. President LaPierre talked about how humility was a key factor in success in our mission but also success in life. That it was important to thank God for all that we had and recognize his hand in the work, and recognize that all the great things we have are because of him. This is so true, we are nothing without God, and without his help, our progress in this life is limited. But with our Heavenly Father all things are possible.

I really liked that. And speaking of God`s hand in the work, we saw some cool miracles this week. We had this investigator that we were teaching back in January when I first arrived in Pilar. Her name is Sarah and she is super awesome and for awhile we were teaching her and things were going good, but some of her family members don`t really like the church and she was struggling with this and several other things. To shorten the story, after awhile we sadly decided to stop teaching her. But, anyway, this is the same person I mentioned last week who ended up coming to Catalino`s baptisim. We thought it was just becuase we invited her, but on Monday we went to visit Catalino and it turns out that Sarah was there also. It turns out that they are friends and he had also asked her to come to the baptisim. We ended up teaching both of them and Sarah was alot different then before, much more receptive to our teachings. I don`t know exactly how long, but it turns out that during the time we were teaching Catalino before his baptisim, he was sharing these things with Sarah and slowly softening her heart to be more receptive. It is super cool and really a miracle to me becuase it was during this time that we dropped Sarah that we found Catalino, but it was only after we helped Catalino, that we were able to help Sarah also, and so in this was God had created a plan to help both, and as of now Sarah has a date set for a baptisim in a couple weeks and I`m really excited for her. It`s super cool how God works to prepare people.

Love you guys!

Hermana Marvian

​This was last week when we went fishing. Elder Thorpe(From Utah), Elder Adman(From Paraguay), Hermana Garcia(Mexico), and I. I wish I had the pictures of the fish I caught, but it`s on one of the Elder`s cameras but I`ll try to get it.
​Here`s another picture of part of the river. Paraguay is really beautiful and I especially love all the green here, much better then the dry desert back home.


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